Dog toys

Find balls, chew toys, educational toys, rope toys soft toy to keep your dog entertained and stimulated right here.

Our selection of Dog toys

Zoomalia recommends

Dog Ball

The dog ball remains a must have for your dog. If it is for a simple fetch game or to chew on it, a classic ball is the best toy for every kind of dog

Ball with rope

A ball with a rope allows you to really play together. While you hold the ball on one end, your dog can pull on the other side. The rope also allows you to throw the ball further away.

Ball Launcher

Step up your game with a manual or electronic ball launcher: Throw the ball with ease further away then ever before!

Rope Toyfor dogs

The Rope Dog Toy is a must-have that brings not just fun but is also a valuable tool to clean the teeth of your dog by chewing on it.

Kong Toys for dogs

The KONG is known its very robust natural rubber dog toys since decades. KONG toys are suitable for all dogs,all ages and all breeds: for puppy, senior dogs. They don't only help the oral hygiene but are also a cure of boredom

Plush and cuddly toy for dogs

Plushies tend to squeak when your dog bites into it therefore it will keep your dog's attention and allows a jolly good time.

Educational Toys

Educational Toys will develop the cognitive abilities of your dog and keep him occupied. It is a perfect cure for boredom and specially breeds like australien Sheppard are in a constant need of mental stimulation

Latex and vinyl dog toys

The squeaky toy made of latex or vinyl for dogs will certainly entertain your pet: the squeaky noise stimulates his curiosity and encourages him to play.

Toys for big dogs

Big dogs have a strong jaw: Therefore you should offer him a solid and resistant toy. You will find here a list of recommended toys that will delight you big fellow. 

Toys for Puppies

Puppy toys are for the youngest member of your family: They are easy to chew on and won't hurt the teeth of your puppy.

Dental Toys for dogs

The dental dog toy significantly improves the oral hygiene of your pet. By simply chewing the toy eliminates dental plaque, solicits and trains the muscles of the jaw and all that by having fun.

Swimming Toys for dogs

Every dog loves to play in the water during summer! But what if his toy sinks to the ground? The best solution against loosing the ball in the water is the floating dog toy.

Swimming pool for dogs

A Dogpool will help your dog to stay cool during hot summer seasons : The size fits perfect and its material is resistant against his claws. 

Frisbee for dogs

With a dog Frisbee, you will have tons of fun with your dog . Let him chase after it and let off some steam.

Tasty Toys for dogs

To significantly increase the attraction of the dog for the toy, you can choose a scented toy or a toy "food dispenser" where you can hide some treats. Success guaranteed!