Dry cat food

All the dry food you need for your cat to be found here at cut prices. A wide range of dry cat food sorted by brand, age, dietary needs and breed are available. 

Our selection of Dry cat food

Dry food for Sterilized cats

Zoomalia has selected for you sterilized dry food from the best brands at great prices.

Dry Food Kitten

Kittens need a proper diet from an early age. The proper development of their skeleton and their growth depend on it. The kitten dry food that you will find here are perfectly adapted to the needs of your pet.

Senior Cat Food

Older cats have a lower energy expenditure. They must, however, retain their muscle mass and a robust immune system. The senior cat kibble is perfectly adapted to the requirements of your cat for a longevity full of vitality.

House Cat Foods

The house cat spends much less energy than outdoor cats. A diet less rich in fat is therefore essential. Indoor cat kibble is perfect for your cat's lifestyle.

Food for Overweight Cats

Overweight dog food catches are perfect for cats with overweight tendencies. They can control fat intake to control the weight curve of your cat.

Grain Free Dry Food for cats

Cereal-free dry food reduces allergic risks and improve the digestibility of the food. You will find on Zoomalia the best brands and products at unbeatable value for money.

Dry Food for sensitive cats

Some cats have special sensitivities in terms of digestion, skin or kidney function. Sensitive kibble catches can meet the requirements of your cat to ensure his well being.

Dry food Hairball

Hairball dry food makes it easy to eliminate hairballs ingested by your cat.

Dry food for cats by Breed

Nutritional needs may change depending on the breed of your cat. Feline food professionals have developed breed-specific dry food.

Veterinary Cat Foods

Veterinary cat food can help eliminate your cat's health problems such as urinary disorders, obesity, joint problems, kidney problems, intestinal problems ... Zoomalia strongly recommends that you consult a veterinarian before giving this  therapeutic food to your cat.