FISAE NOLYCE Bird Lice Lotion

FISAE NOLYCE Bird Lice Lotion
FISAE NOLYCE Bird Lice Lotion
FISAE NOLYCE Bird Lice Lotion (1)
FISAE NOLYCE Bird Lice Lotion (2)

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Description of FISAE NOLYCE Bird Lice Lotion

Like other animals, birds can be infested with external parasites, including lice.
FISAE NOLYCE Anti-Lice Bird Lotion is a repellent anti-lice lotion that can be used on both the bird and the environment.

Its unique composition with biocidal active ingredients combined with an innovative complex of essential oils protects the bird and its habitat in a natural way thanks to margosa, geraniol and pyrethrum.
It can be sprayed on litter, cage, nest and perches for example, ensuring a healthy habitat and animal.

Manual :
- Shake well before use
- Spray on the plumage or the environment of the bird
- Let it react
In case of infestation: spray every day for 7 days then renew 15 days later.

Precautions for use:
- Do not spray in the direction of the eyes
- Do not exceed 3 sprays on the bird
- Use once or twice a month

Characteristics :
- Anti-lice repellent for birds 2 in 1
- Allows to treat the bird and its environment
- Natural assets
- Spray 100ml

FISAE is a brand specialized in the hygiene and care products for your pet (dog / cat / bird / rodent) as well as its environment.

It contains natural ingredients respecting nature and the FISAE products have been studied to reconcile efficiency and respect for nature.

With FISAE, you have an effective and safe treatment for your pet, the environment and yourself!.

Margosa, geraniol, pyrethrum.
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