Hamiform Organic Hay

Hamiform Organic Hay

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Description of Hamiform Organic Hay

Hamiform organic hay is a small pet food that contains no chemical additives. It is rich in natural fibres, minerals and proteins. This organic hay is the perfect food for small mammals, because it provides them with a balanced diet.

Hamiform organic
comes from natural and temporary grasslands. The cultivation of the meadows is not subjected to chemical treatment - everything is all natural as well no fertiliser. The contents of a packet includes a varied flora, which varies depending on climate and season. This variety of plants ensures the richness that this package contains.

To feed your pets this product, just grab the required portion out of the bag and offer it to your pet. Remember to provide your pet plenty of fresh water and replace it regularly.

This product is characterised by its rich amount of protein and flavour. It differentiates itself from other products, by the quality of the grass. This food is not exposed to hay making machines and thus the high quality legumes and grasses
remain undamaged. Therefore, it retains its nutritional value, freshness and delicacy.

This Hamiform hay is for guinea pigs and rabbits. Keep it in its original packaging. The package must be stored in a cool, dry place. To preserve the quality of hay, protect it from moisture and heat.

This package contains lots of greenery and very thick strands that your pet will adore.

- 20L package,
- Organic hay from natural meadows
- Rich in natural fibre, protein and minerals
- High quality
- Small pets
Origin: natural or temporary grassland

Produced without fertilisers or chemicals.

composition depending on season and climate.
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