Hamiform Premium Dandelion Hay

Hamiform Premium Dandelion Hay

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Description of Hamiform Premium Dandelion Hay

Hamiform dandelion hay is a popular food for small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Pay attention to the recommended daily portions for small mammals otherwise they will eat anything they get offered.

Hamiform hay is rich in nutrients and ensures a balanced diet for your small pet.

Dried hay is harvested in the spring, which is also the best time for forage nutrient content.
The grass is harvest when it is between 45 and 70%. The grass is less degraded and damaged by machinery so the loss of leaves, especially with legumes, is reduced. This method guarantees a well balanced and tasty hay that is rich in protein.

This hay is mainly high quality dandelion. However, it is not only the grass that makes up this. It also includes digestive and diuretic plants, legumes and grasses. The grasses that are used for this forage, are wild meadows species, and have not undergone any chemical treatment.

Despite the packaging that gives the impression of a content that is dry and hard, Hamiform hay with dandelions is fresh and tender. The blades have the appearance and texture of freshly harvested grasses. They are tasty and pleasant to eat, and above all very nutritious because they are rich in proteins. Legumes and leaves are undamaged and in good condition. The barn drying process ensures the best quality.

Plants from the Umbelliferae family are among the most popular dishes for rabbits and guinea pigs. They provide the right amount of nutrients. This hay for rabbits and guinea pigs is a quality feed. It provides vitamins, minerals, fibre, fatty acids, proteins and energy needed by these small mammals.

- 20L packaging
- Harvested in natural meadows
- Dandelions and other varied plants
- High quality
- Small pets such as rabbits
Origin: Natural or temporary grassland

Grass, legumes, umbelliferae and other diuretic and digestive plants.
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