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Hamster cage with pipes

A real playground for your hamster, the cages with hoses guarantee the fun of your animal, enlarge its life expasse and facilitate its observation.

Ratatouille Cage 40x26x40cm
£38.89 £31.99
RODYLOUNGE Duo Cage - Cherry
Jungle Hamster Cage 45.5x31.5x27cm
£44.92 £39.99
Crystal Hamster Cage 39.5x29.5x38 cm
£49.36 £44.99
£59.90 £49.99
Laura Hamster Cage
£54.95 £44.99
RodyLounge "Solo" cage
£34.49 £32.99
Habitrail OVO LOFT Hamster Cage
£59.99 £32.99
Combi 2 Cage with Play Area
£43.96 £39.99

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Hamster cage with bars

The hamster cage with bars makes it easy to visualize your animal while guaranteeing excellent ventilation. It allows the attachment of many toys and offers the pet the opportunity to climb to have fun.

Cage with basic equipment for hamsters, 40 × 38 × 30 cm, orange/blue/green
£34.50 £25.99
Hamster Cage with Accessories 62 x 46 x 36cm
£52.90 £39.99
HABITAT Hamster and Gerbil Cage
£62.10 £49.99
XL Habitat Hamster and Gerbil Cage
£85 £64.99
TOPY Small Mammal Cage
£44.28 £39.99
Circus Fun Cage
£52.70 £36.99
Martha Duel Cage
£25.90 £24.99
Martha Hamster Cage
Stock awaiting replenishment
PICO XL Hamster and Mouse Cage
£47.30 £29.99
Martha Hamster Cage
£80.94 £49.99
Laura Hamster Cage
£54.95 £44.99

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Plastic hamster cage

Practical and light, the cage for hamster plexiglass or plastic can provide the necessary comfort to your hamster without risk of escape.

Habitrail OVO LOFT Hamster Cage
£59.99 £32.99
Mini Duna Hamster Cage
£39.99 £34.99
Duna Multy Mouse Cage
Maxi Duna Multy Breeding Cage 100cm
£88 £79.99
Rody Hamster Cage Blue 55cm
£31.90 £29.99
Stock awaiting replenishment
Rody Hamster Cage Pink 55cm
£31.90 £29.99
Rody Hamster Cage Yellow 55cm
£31.90 £29.99
Super Ratatouille Cage 40x26x53cm
£46.31 £39.99

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Wooden hamster cage

Original and natural-looking, the hamster wooden cage offers a unique accommodation solution for your pet.

Hamsterville Wooden Cage
£85.90 £63.43

Hamster Cage XXL +60 cm

The hamster or gerbil are active animal who like to let off steam. A large XXL cage of 60 cm and over offers a large comfortable and spacious space for your small pet.