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Hemp mat - 40 x 25 cm (Ref.55854)

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Hemp mat - 40 x 100 cm (Ref.55855)

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3x Hemp mat - 40 x 25 cm (Ref.63829)

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LOT of 3x Hemp mat - 40 x 100 cm (Ref.63828)

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Description of Hemp mat

Hemp mats are biodegradable and compostable. Fully digestible, sometimes pets like to nibble on and swallow the fibres.

These mats are absorbent yet is surface dry aiding the comfort of your pet.
They are perfect for the health of small furry pets because they are anti-mite, anti-parasite, anti-allergenic and contains no chemicals or pesticides.

The mats are available in 2 sizes

- Plant-based and compostable
- Fully digestible
- Absorbent and ventilated
- Anti-parasite anti-allergenic
- Available in 2 sizes. 40 x 25 cm, 40 x 100 cm

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