Parrot cages

Parrot cages on wheels and corner parrot cages. Zoomalia offers many different models.

Our selection of Parrot cages

Our selection of parrot cages

Zoomalia and its customers have selected for you the best parrot cages at the best price.

COCKATIEL Cage for small parrots and large parakeets
£169.99 £119.99
JACO Parrot Cage
£259.99 £189.99
5 - 8 days
Cockatoo Cage for Large Parrots
£329.99 £199.99
5 - 8 days
Ara Parrot Cage
£399.95 £229.99
Stock awaiting replenishment

Discover loads more great products in this department our selection of parrot cages :

Cages for small parrots and big parakeets

Small parrots such as the Green Cheek Conure do not need the same space as a Gray from Gabon. Zoomalia offers you cages for small parrots and large parakeets with adapted dimensions and very advantageous prices.

Large cages for parrot

The parrot is a bird that needs space: give him what he needs with the big parrot cage. Zoomalia has selected for you cages of quality with elegant design, acclaimed by our customers and perfectly adapted to large parrots: Gray Gabon, Amazon, Ara ...

Perches and parrot transport cages