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Who are we? Zoomalia
The pet store that really loves your pets

We are the pet store of the new generation. We select the best quality products and accessories on the market, and we develop exclusive brands with prices that are accessible to everyone.

At Zoomalia, we are more than 50 employees who are living every day our passion for animals.

Each of us shares a strong corporate culture that is based on our 3 pillars :

commitment, community and ambition

The well-being of pets is the heart of our business. We support the relationship with your companion to bring a little more happiness every day to your home.

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
Emmanuel Kant

1. Their wellbeing above all

Because the happiness of you and your pet is important to us, the well-being is our priority.

Our dedicated team is always searching and choosing only the best products and brands..

Their wellbeing above all
Genius Advisors

2. Genius Advisors

Our advisors listen to you, accompany you and advise you, always with the intention to fully satisfy you.

3. A quick shipment

Your order will be shipped within 24 hours if all the items are in stock!
Our Team knows that your pets want their parcel as fast as possible.

A quick shipment
Choice, dreams, prices

4. Choice, dreams, prices

Always 30,000 references ready to be shipped, at a price, accessible to everyone.
Can’t find a product? We will find it !
Satisfied or Money back up to 365 days

5. Exclusive brands

Our specialists develop exclusive brands for the satisfaction and well-being of your companion.

Exclusive brands
Zoom at the founder

Pierre-Adrien THOLLET was born in 1985 and spent his childhood in the mountains.
Curious and versatile, he grew up surrounded by pets. At this time he also developed his special bond with nature and the animal welfare in general.
After a technical training in multimedia, he worked briefly on the design of e-commerce platforms for main groups.
As a born entrepreneur, he founded the company in 2009 and established Zoomalia.com in 2010.

Zoom at the founder
  • In 2009 our founder, Pierre-Adrien THOLLET, passionate about animals and new technologies, made a simple observation: no existing pet store really meets his expectations.
  • In 2010 he created Zoomalia, an ergonomic page with a bright and friendly spirit with many choices and prices accessible to everyone.
    « My ambition: to become the flagship brand for those who really love their pets ».
  • It is between 2011 and 2014 that our customers discover us and love us.

    Now we have more than :
    > from 8 000 to 30 000 specialized products for the happiness of our little companions
    > from 2 to 30 employees, all passionate about the animal world
    > from 20 000 to over 200 000 satisfied Zoomalia customers as well as their pets
  • From 2013 till today, we have created more than 10 specialized brands to perfectly meet the needs of each animal.
  • In 2015, we set out to bring happiness to other European pets : We opened the page in England as well as the German and Spanish pages.
  • 2016 was also the year of the opening of our first store in PAU (France).
    We gave the spirit of Zoomalia more room: A comfortable store, bright and where the animal is at the center of our actions !
    You will appreciate the service and guidance of our enthusiastic team who will welcome you in a comfortable area that is 100% oriented to the animal world.
    We certainly do not sell dogs or cats, but we provide room for animal shelters as well as breeders to exhibit their pets and for you to adopt them.
  • In 2017, we are more than 50 employees and we already brought happiness to more than 500 000 animals and their masters..
    This is the year of another sort of change, a local one: new premises to to serve you even better.
    With 8 warehouses and offices, it wasn't always easy.
  • 2018, new year, new office : Welcome :)
    The Zoomalia team has moved closer together for an even better service : More than 3000m ² of storage, workspace and inviting offices!
... the best is (yet) to come :)
On les aime (et ils nous le rendent bien) !
The Zoomalia team
Our management...
Pierre-Adrien Thollet
Managing director
Logistics Manager
Angela Zoomalia
Customer Service Manager
Laurent Primaux
IT Manager
Céline de Zoomalia
Financial director
Caroline de Zoomalia
Human resources manager
... and all our employees!
Equipe Zoomalia
Laurent Touchet
Not to forget our official Mascots!
Equipe Zoomalia
Equipe Zoomalia
Equipe Zoomalia
Equipe Zoomalia
Equipe Zoomalia