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Almo Nature Legend - Seaside Flavours

ALMO NATURE Classic wet food is made from 100% natural ingredients. - The quality of the meat and fish is equivalent to that used for human consumption - It has no colourings, preservatives or (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Almo Nature Legend - Seaside Flavours

89% des clients recommandent ce produit

73 Reviews about Almo Nature Legend - Seaside Flavours ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Manuela, the 06/04/2021

Great product. The taste must be very pleasant as my cats love it. Recommended

Reviews 5
Marta, the 06/04/2021

It is one of the ones that my cat likes the most. High quality product with many pieces of squid.

Reviews 5
Marta, the 20/03/2021

My cat loves it, if I gave her more, ... she would eat more The tuna comes with a lot of broth and being so juicy, my cat likes it a lot, quality product.

Reviews 5
SANDRINE, the 27/02/2021

Very good composition and cats love it I recommend for the quality of the ingredients

Reviews 5
María Ángeles , the 20/02/2021

Very good quality product. Only healthy ingredients. When you open the can it smells of fresh fish and you can see the portions without other additives other than the sauce. Our two cats love it. They leave the plate totally clean

Reviews 5
Chiara, the 18/02/2021

Great wet cat food! Highest quality ingredients .....

Reviews 5
Karen, the 03/02/2021

Very good product with great pieces of fish. My cat loves it!

Reviews 5
Elodie, the 22/01/2021

Good composition in addition to a good diet Nothing more to say

Reviews 5
LAURA, the 14/01/2021

Really a super product ... already opening the box it looks different from the others

Reviews 5
Karen, the 06/12/2020

Great product very much appreciated by my cat. He looks forward to it every week

Reviews 5
Aurélie, the 28/11/2020

My pussy loves it !! She sometimes asks me for 2 boxes a day. Forced to refuse so as not to swallow up the stock !!!

Reviews 5
Karen, the 24/11/2020

My cat loved this very diverse range! I take it from him each time for his greatest happiness!

Reviews 3
Mélanie, the 29/10/2020

Excellent composition and very palatable, my cat loves them. Unfortunately he digests them badly, having been used in his refuge to mash with cereals

Reviews 5
Karen, the 22/10/2020

Great product with real pieces very appreciated by my cats! They feast!

Almo Nature Legend - Seaside Flavours
Almo Nature Legend - Seaside Flavours
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