Food dispensers for fish

Automate feeding your fish thanks to food dispensers offered by Zoomalia.

Our selection of Fish food dispensers

Automatic Fish Feeder Watsea AutoFood 8
£34.99 £18.99

Double tank food dispensers

The double tank food dispenser allows you to dispense two different foods at the same time: very handy for feeding several species of fish when you go on a holiday.

Eheim TwinFeeder Automatic Feeding Unit
£63.50 £54.99

Other food distributors

Zoomalia offers a wide range of fish food dispensers, you will find here the distributors of many brands at the best price.

Automatic Fish Feeder
JBL NovoStation Feeding Ring with Level-Adaptation
Stock awaiting replenishment
Floating food cone
£2.60 £2.29