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Food, seed and feed for birds

Zoomalia recommends this bird food:

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Our selection of Food, seed and feed for birds

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Wild Bird Food

What's more enjoyable than seeing wild birds (also called "birds of the sky") in his garden? you can help the birds of nature to spend the winter quiet by distributing adapted food: ball of fat rich in energy, complete balanced mixture ...

Cuttlebone and mineral blocks

Cuttlebone is an excellent calcium supplement for all birds. Calcium and minerals contribute to the development of plumage and the formation of eggshells.

Millet for birds

Millet is a cereal that is an ideal complementary source of energy for exotic birds, parakeets and canaries.

Nectarivorous and frugivorous food

Some birds such as the maina, the touracos or the toucans require a basic diet consisting of fruits. Zoomalia has selected for you fruit-rich pâtés and mixes to meet the needs of your nectarivorous and frugivorous birds. Do not forget to vary the diet and enrich it with fresh fruit.