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The best bird food products

Zoomalia and its customers have selected the best of bird food: find here high quality food at the best price.

Cuttlebone and mineral blocks

Cuttlebone is an excellent calcium supplement for all birds. Calcium and minerals contribute to the development of plumage and the formation of eggshells.

Comida para loro

Una comida adaptada a los loros  es indispensable para su bienestar y el metabolismo de tus pájaros. Zoomalia ha seleccionado para tí las mejores marcas a los mejores precios, para una alimentación completa y equilibrada de tu loro (Amazon, gris de Gabón...)

Parakeet food

The parakeet food contains multiple seeds, flowers and dried fruits for a complete and balanced meal: the parakeet needs a varied diet for the beauty of its plumage and good immune resistance.

Great parakeet food

Feed your big parakeet with a complete and balanced food thanks to our selection of adapted food products. Composed of fruits, various seeds and flowers the proposed mixes meet the highest requirements of your birds.

Canary food

The canary is a bird requiring a diet composed of multiple seeds and fruits. The proposed mixes are adapted to the nutritional needs of the canary. In the breeding season, fruit-rich eggshell (dry or wet) must be distributed in addition to the staple food.

Exotic bird food

Exotic birds such as lovebirds or mandarins require a diet rich in seeds: exotic bird mixtures are adapted to their metabolism thanks to their content of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

Wild Bird Food

What's more enjoyable than seeing wild birds (also called "birds of the sky") in his garden? you can help the birds of nature to spend the winter quiet by distributing adapted food: ball of fat rich in energy, complete balanced mixture ...

Food for pigeons, turtledoves and quails

Distribute a rich and varied diet to your pigeons, turtledoves or quail with our selection of high-end products at the best price.

Millet for birds

Millet is a cereal that is an ideal complementary source of energy for exotic birds, parakeets and canaries.

Nectarivorous and frugivorous food

Some birds such as the maina, the touracos or the toucans require a basic diet consisting of fruits. Zoomalia has selected for you fruit-rich pâtés and mixes to meet the needs of your nectarivorous and frugivorous birds. Do not forget to vary the diet and enrich it with fresh fruit.

Treats and biscuits for birds

Birds are also entitled to sweets and cookies: excellent complementary foods, they can avoid deficiencies and bring essential elements (fruits, complementary seeds ...) to the good development of your feathered animals.

Food for Bird Breeder

Do you want to make your own seed mix? Are you looking for big packaging? Zoomalia offers you a selection of seed bags to make your own mixes, or ready-to-use mixes for very economical packaging.