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Cat accessories, food, litter, scratching post systems

Looking for a , cat litter and accessories or cat food? Zoomalia has all the food and accessories that your cat could ever need.

Presentation of our pet store online: Cat accessories, food, litter, scratching post systems

A cat is more than a pet

According to a study in 2014, it is estimated that there are approximately 7.9 million cats living in the UK. They are very playful and very affectionate, territorial, and love to hunt and catch small prey. For cats, a harmonious environment and places of retreat are very important. They have a good night vision, which makes them particularly active in the twilight hours and are mainly carnivores but they sometimes eat grass. For domestic cats living mainly inside, it is important that you provide areas for rest and play where they let off steam and sharpen their claws.

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Where can I find accessories for my cat?
If you decide to own a cat, it is important to do everything so that your pet feels comfortable. Firstly choosing the right cat food is important to ensure your cat has a shiny coat, and great health. We can advise you on which dry cat food is right for your cat and guide you through the jungle of different brands and different varieties.

With regard to the play areas, are ideal.

Especially if you live in an apartment, a scratching post system offers your cat an ideal play area in which they can enjoy themselves. In addition, a scratching post ensures that your cat doesn't sharpen his claws on your furniture, carpets or wallpaper. Many scratching posts systems have an observation platform that your cat will love. This accessory makes a great substitute for tree climbing.

In our cat store, you will also find baskets and beds for cats because they love soft and cuddly places where they can be completely protected and relax in peace.

Everything you need for the health and well-being of your cat, you will find in our shore. This includes cat litter boxes which minimise litter odour. We also have many different cat flaps, including those with magnetic keys and adjustable settings.

To find the right balance and vitality of your cat, it is important to satisfy all their needs. The easiest way is to shop with an experienced company so that a pleasant and happy life of your pet is guaranteed. All cat food and accessories can be found here at low prices. We are cat experts and are here to advise you.
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