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Flea and tick collars for cats

Keep your cat flea and tick free with flea and tick collars for cats offered by Zoomalia.

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Insecticidal and immediate solutions

In case of severe infestation, your cat should be treated quickly to eliminate fleas, ticks, grouse lice or mosquitoes, as well as their eggs and larvae to limit the negative effects on your pet. The antiparasitic collars are effective and offer an insecticidal action that kill very quickly these parasites.

Prevencide Cat Flea Collar - 240 Day Protection
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Beaphar Flea and Tick Dimpylate Collar
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Insect-repellent, natural and preventive solutions

Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry ... Especially when it comes to parasitic infestation that can cause your cat to run big health problems. Thus, the laboratories have developed solutions called "insect repellents" often based on natural assets and which are well tolerated by your cat (does not affect his sense of smell) ... These solutions have also developed in the form of antiparasitic collars.

Anibio Tic Clip - Flea and Tick Protection
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Insecticide Collar - Anti-Choke
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Glow in the Dark Insect Repellent Collar
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