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Cat litter

Choosing the right litter is important. Your cat might also have a preference. Zoomalia offers different types of litter that will suit every owner and cat.

Our selection of Cat litter

In this category you will find all litters with silica at low prices.
SilicaPearl Silicone litter
From :
Available :  1.6kg
Magic Clean Litter
From :
Available :  4 w 8 w
Versele Laga Silica Litter
From :
Available :  5L
Perlinette Cat Litter
From :
Available :  1.8kg 15kg
Perlinette Sensitive Cat Litter
From :
Available :  15kg

In addition to cat litter

Complementary products essential for easy cleaning and an more pleasant litter for your cat, and for you.
FISAE LYSOME litter deodorant powder
From :
Available :  300g