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Cat litter

Choosing the right litter is important. Your cat might also have a preference. Zoomalia offers different types of litter that will suit every owner and cat.

In this category you will find all litters with silica at low prices.

SilicaPearl Silicone litter
From :
Available :  1.6kg
Magic Clean Litter
From :
Available :  4 w 8 w
Versele Laga Silica Litter
From :
Available :  5L
Perlinette Cat Litter
From :
Available :  1.8kg 15kg
Perlinette Sensitive Cat Litter
From :
Available :  6kg 15kg

In addition to cat litter

Complementary products essential for easy cleaning and an more pleasant litter for your cat, and for you.

FISAE LYSOME litter deodorant powder
From :
Available :  300g