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Cat scratching post systems and kitten scratching post systems

Help your cat unwind while keeping in shape with a cat scratching post systems available from

Small scratching post system (height less than 1 meter) adapt to all interiors. Simple and effective, they are usually equipped with a scratching post as well as one or more supports so that your cat can rest in peace. The essential for your cat or kitten in a compact size.

Medium sized scratching post system (height between 1,00 and 1,60 m) will allow your cat to really enjoy herself. Cats love higher places to observe everything.

Tower shaped Scratching post systems

Does your cat like to rest as much as play or scratch? Here is a selection of cat tree that will satisfy every distraction needs of a cat. With tower-shaped cat trees, find the best combination of rest and scratching offer for your cat.

Wooden and Natural Scratching post system

The wooden and natural Scratching post system makes it possible to offer all the features of the classic Scratching post system while providing an attractive design thanks to the charm of the original material. They will fit perfectly to your interiors.

Stylish and original Scratching Post Systems

The scratching post system is an extremely decorative element for your home. More than just a scratching post system, it can perfectly integrate with your decoration to enhance your rooms and the unique character of your cat. A remarkable accessory for an exceptional cat.

Scratching post system to fix on a wall

For small spaces, it is better to choose a scratching post system that can be fixed on a wall which will integrate perfectly to the room. A playful and decorative way to delight your pet!

Scratching post system spare parts

Need a spare part for your Scratching post system? The sisal posts are worn out by the claws and need to be renewed? Find our full range of accessories for spares, extensions and other tools essential for a Scratching post systeme like new!

Accessories for scratching post systems

Find additional products to use with your scratching post systems at the best price.