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Scratching posts and panels for cats and kittens

Protect your sofa and soft furnishings from your cat. Buy and place a scratching post in the heart of the home. 

Cardboard scratching post

Practical, ecological and economical, the cardboard cat scratcher will delight your companion. Alternative to sisal, it has fine cells to use the claws.

Stylish and original scratching post

The scratching post of your cat can also decorate your interior! We have selected for you the most beautiful models to combine practicality and design.

Scratching post tower

The scratching tower is THE most practical scratching post that allows your cat both to claw and nap. This is a 2-in-1 article that will make your cat happy.

Cat toy with scratching post

The scratching post can also be just a toy. The cat loves to make his claws while having fun.

Accessories for scratching posts

We have selected for you complementary items to scratching posts that are useful and inexpensive.