Cat toys

Choose fun and educational toys from our wide range of cat toys.

Our selection of Cat toys

Our selection of cat toys

Discover our selection of cat toys to entertain your cat, always at the best price available.

Fishing rod for cats

The fishing rod for cat will always entertain your pet, whatever his age! Playful and economical, this toy makes it possible to create a moment of unique complicity between the master and his pet.

Balls and bells for cats

One of the best toys to amuse your cat for hours remains the ball with or without a bell. Some balls can be filled with catnip or food to improve the fun of your cat.

Mouse toy for cats

The mouse toy is a real classic for your cat's fun. Plush, plastic, animated or not, the toy in the shape of a mouse will entertain and release your feline!

Animated toys and games for cats

Nothing like a lively cat game to entertain your feline. Working with or without batteries, it can move one or more elements.

Interactive toy for cats

Educational Toys allows to entertain your cat while training his brain cells.It works with food in order to have some interest and encourage interaction.

Laser for cats

The cat laser makes it possible to interact with your pet: the red dot will entertain  your cat who will try to catch it!

Toy with catnip

Catnip emits an odour to which the cat is very receptive: it considerably increases the attractiveness of the toy.

Carpet, kit and tunnel for cats

Carpet, kit of game or tunnel of play for cat allow to offer to your feline a real space to play so that it can be entertained easily throughout the day.

Other games and toys for cats