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Cat training products and accessories

Teach your cat to use a cat litter tray, prevent access to certain areas of the home and attract your cat towards a litter box. Benefit also from a range of pheromonatherapy products to ease the symptoms of significant stress. 

2020 shopping guide and tips: Cat training products and accessories

Cat training accessories

The education of a cat is fundamental to ensure he does not do his business around the house or claw the furniture.
There is a wide range of products that help all home owners to properly educate their pet.

On Zoomalia you will find :

Repellent sprays, which can be sprayed around to house to prevent your cat clawing furniture and carpets.

Catnip sprays, which will attract your cat's attention to a particular area, for example where you would like him to do his business  or his claws.

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