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Chipsi Super Pet Litter

Super ChipsiInnovative fine litter: - Super absorbent- Super deodorant- Economic Super- Without dust and sanitisedFine granules instead of chips! CHIPSI SUPER soft wood pellets are a new (…) Read the description
From £5,40
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Reviews about Chipsi Super Pet Litter

89% des clients recommandent ce produit

52 Reviews about Chipsi Super Pet Litter ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Bastien, the 06/03/2021

Effective and inexpensive litter, I recommend for your pet

Reviews 5
Ludivine, the 03/03/2021

Fairly good quality chips, the package is suitable for small animals.

Reviews 5
Marie-Christine, the 04/02/2021

Very absorbent and fine litter without strong odor. No sneezing from my guinea pigs or from me when I put it in their bin. I recommend her regularly.

Reviews 5
Ana Patrícia, the 01/02/2021

Super absorbent of my rabbit's odors! mixed with the litter normally used, they make an excellent absorption.

Reviews 5
Margot, the 01/01/2021

Captures odors well but to be completed with shavings for better absorption

Reviews 5
Patricia, the 17/12/2020

litter used for quail, no complaints it does its job.

Reviews 5
Daniel, the 05/12/2020

Good chips, pleasant to the touch and with decent small pieces.

Reviews 5
XIN, the 23/10/2020

Good litter. It's perfect for my guinea pigs if I mix some of this litter with the wood chips. It absorbs odors better.

Reviews 5
Priscillia, the 07/10/2020

Super litter, indeed dust free and super absorbent. I will recommend

Reviews 5
Gwendoline, the 20/07/2020

A top litter box that does not have too much smell in the cage. We have a rabbit who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and therefore has strong urine. But this litter box keeps the cage clean for several days in a row.

Reviews 5
XIN, the 16/07/2020

This litter is very absorbent. It also absorbs odors from pees too. It has a good natural wood scent. The only disadvantage is that it is made of very small wood chips, sometimes a little bit sharp. When in use, I mix it with normal shavings. And this mixture is perfect for guinea pigs. But for chinchillas, to avoid.

Reviews 5
Chantal, the 11/06/2020

Very good product and very absorbent suitable price fast delivery site to recommend to friends me I would recommend on this site

Reviews 5
Claire, the 11/06/2020

Very well, I really like the fact that it is for sensitive animals because my chinchillas sometimes sneeze and we know that they are very sensitive at this level. Thank you for them !!

Reviews 4
Romain, the 09/06/2020

Dust-free litter is the good thing. Please note the photo can be confusing, the litter is not compressed, so there is little quantity.

Chipsi Super Pet Litter
Chipsi Super Pet Litter
From £3,79