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Dog clothing

Keep your dog comfortable and looking chic! Enjoy the best prices on the dog jumpers, dog coats and .

2022 shopping guide and tips: Dog clothing

Dog clothing

Our dogs are family members and should enjoy the same comfort as people. Many dogs do not like the rain and short haired breeds get cold easily in winter.

In our range of dog clothing you will find a wide selection of warm, protective and fashionable dog garments.

Bandanas: Express your dog's personality by choosing from our wide range of funky bandanas. In this section you will also find fashionable neckties and ribbons.
Party clothes: Find a chic costume for any occasion! Be it Christmas, Easter or a birthday. Your imagination has no limits.
Coats: Protect your dog against the wet and cold with a smart and warm jacket from our dog coats: Many shorthair breeds get cold very easily as well as slim and older dogs.
Boots: Do you and your dog like to do sports, go hiking or are frequently walking on difficult terrain? Then protect his delicate paws with dog boots.
Bath robes: After a shower, dry your dog while keeping him warm with one of our .
Jumpers:  Keep you dog warm and stylish with one of our dog jumpers.
T-Shirts: Casual, easy and always funny.

Choose the right size for your dog:

Each dog breed is different. In addition, each dog has its own body measurements. Therefore, there are no standard sizes, which can be allocated according to the breed of the dog or the dog's weight. To choose the right size of clothes for your dog, measure the back length, neck circumference and chest circumference of your dog with a tape measure, while your dog is in the standing position:

Measure the back length from the shoulder blades (not the neck) to base of tail. Measure accurately, because even the small difference of 1-2 centimetres can result in the wrong choice of size.

The chest should be measured from the widest point behind the front legs. This measurement will define clothing and chest harness sizes.

Race / weight / back / neck / chest / size
Chihuahua / 1.5 / 13-17 / 13-17 / 22-27 / XS
Yorkshire / 2 / 17-22 / 18-22 / 28-33 / S
Pinscher / 3.5 / 23-27 / 23-26 / 34-39 / M
Pekingese / 5 / 28-35 / 27-31 / 40-45 / L
Schnauzer / 7.5 / 36-41 / 32-34 / 46-52 / XL
Fox / 10 / 42-47 / 35-38 / 53-60 / 2XL
Cocker / 17 / 48-54 / 39-42 / 61-69 / 3XL
Labrador / 25 / 55-60 / 43-47 / 70-79 / 4XL
Dalmatian / 35 / 61-65 / 48-51 / 80-86 / 5XL
Doberman / 45 / 66-70 / 52-55 / 87-95 / 6XL
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