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Collars, harnesses and accessories for dog training

Zoomalia has a wide range of dog training accessories for you to discover. You will find anti-escape collars, bark control collars, clickers, hunting accessories, training accessories, , , treat bags, training collars, training harnesses, and agility training accessories.

2020 shopping guide and tips: Collars, harnesses and accessories for dog training

Training your dog

It is commonly said that a dog is a man's best friend, however, it is that your dog knows his place within your household.

Many possible methods, the choice is yours

Among the tools used for dog training, you can start with a classic training accessory such as a lead or harness to teach your puppy how to behave.

Your dog's education
Are you owning a dog for the first time and do not know how to educate your dog? Do you want your dog dog trusts you and as a result, listens to you. Only a dog that obeys you can truly be free, because you can give him freedom in the knowledge that will he obey you when you need him to.

Whether you have a working or family dog, training is an essential part of dog ownership.

To start training your dog you can use classic things like a lead and harness so your dog can learn to walk on a lead. Then you can advance the training with balls and dog toys.

Experts generally advise training based on rewards rather than punishment. This means that your dog with positive memories when it come to training.

A valuable tool for this is the clicker. With this you indicate audibly when he has done something well. so that he associates the sound with something positive. Click when you reward him (which works wonderfully in most dogs with a treat or a toy). After a few hours of training you will notice that the dog understands.

Care should be taken that you don't give him too many big and meaty treats as your dog will quickly gain weight.

When raising a puppy the same system usually applies. Training a puppy is both harder and easier than training an adult dog. On the one hand puppies learn faster, on the other hand they also have no basic knowledge and are very playful. However, this playfulness means he will have interest in ball games and training exercises.