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Carriers, crates and accessories for travelling with your dog.

Have peace of mind when you are on the move with your dog. We have car accessories, carrier bags, travel carriers and crates as well as bicycle accessories to choose from!

2022 shopping guide and tips: Carriers, crates and accessories for travelling with your dog.

Travelling with a dog...

By car
Many dogs are afraid to travel by car or some are even car sick. Others, however, can not wait to jump in the car. In our range you will find many useful products and medicines to your dog to help to make the drive more enjoyable.

The issue of safety plays a very important role, not only for your dog but also for you. In

The easiest way on longer trips is a kennel or a dog cage is easy to install and secure in the trunk. These are available in different sizes and models and for the temporary or permanent installation.

Another option is a protective grating that easily can be installed between the rear seat and the trunk and prevents your dog flies forward or simply jumping only from curiosity to the front.

Even for short trips, safety is of course paramount. For this you will find various harnesses and mounting options for your dog to strap on the back seat.

To ensure that your car is not dirty (hair, scratch) there are blankets for the rear seats and the trunk that can be installed quickly and protect the interior of your car.

For older dogs or dogs have joint problems it is recommended that a foldable ramp feared that he may enter it without difficulty.

By plane
Various airlines require different standard for the transport boxes of animals. Inform yourself before your departure that transport boxes you need. Some airlines even allow that you can take small dogs in the cabin.

Generally, it is the purchase of a box, make sure that it is ventilated enough, enough space for your four-legged holds (here please on the weight eighth) and, of course, that it is stable enough.

To make your dog to stay in the box a bit more comfortable, it is advisable to put him a small carpet into it, as the ground can be damp and cold often.

Small dogs
Always want your little dog to take with you everywhere but he can not run as long stretch? Then decide whether a carry bag for you is the right one for you and your favourite.

In our assortment you will find numerous practical and stylish at the same time transport bags for small dogs.
The main attributes are in this case that sufficient ventilation grids are present, that the size and stability of true and an attachment inside is (e.g .. a line) so that your dog can not jump out suddenly.
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