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Dried Crickets

When it comes to raising reptiles in captivity, it is imperative to feed them regularly with a suitable diet. Although the diet of reptiles vary with the age and species, they all need a high (…) Read the description
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Reviews 5
Ruri, the 29/10/2020

this allowed the wild animals to feed themselves and gain strength, which is good because it is very dry and unlike other packaging which are in closed metal boxes with a plastic cap that smell because there is has humidity in it, this is not the case with these dried crickets which are dry, and therefore do not smell when opening the box.

Reviews 5
Sonia, the 04/09/2020

Good quality product, appetizing for animals because they are completely undamaged.

Reviews 5
Franz, the 13/08/2020

Hello, Like the first time my 4 rats love these dried crickets Top to recommend

Reviews 5
Jean-pierre, the 07/08/2020

insect of good size apparently very good because my lizards love it

Reviews 5
Franz, the 24/07/2020

Hello, Top these dried crickets my rats love them they tear them from my fingers as soon as I offer them

Reviews 5
Camille, the 20/06/2020

I recommend this product: the price is very reasonable and the very airtight packaging allows crickets to be kept without being damaged by time.

Dried Crickets
Dried Crickets
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