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Dried Mealworms for Poultry

To encourage egg laying and help strengthen the cartilage and bone of your chickens, give them dehydrated mealworms. They'll love them! Mealworms are 25% fat and 50% protein, similar to worms (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Dried Mealworms for Poultry

96% des clients recommandent ce produit

100 Reviews about Dried Mealworms for Poultry ( View all reviews )
Reviews 5
Florian, the 30/06/2020

My chickens love it, I put big handfuls of them from time to time in supplement and they throw themselves on it

Reviews 5
Joel, the 08/04/2020

The top impossible to retain the hens is the party at each distribution I give a very small handle in the evening, for the chicken it is a treat I wonder if addiction

Reviews 5
FREDERIQUE, the 20/02/2020

My chickens love it. And even in the evening if they sleep and they hear me coming in, they come out like crazy from the chicken coop with an air of saying "well then we are waiting for our appetizers !!!!"

Reviews 5
Leslie, the 16/02/2020

THE gluttony of my hens! A daily handle for their greatest happiness!

Reviews 5
Béatrice, the 05/01/2020

No complaints, my hens always love it as much, as soon as they see the bag, it's racing

Reviews 5
Noémie, the 24/12/2019

I give these worms to my hens as treats, it gives them protein, and they are crazy about it! :)

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Dried Mealworms for Poultry
Dried Mealworms for Poultry
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