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Eheim TwinFeeder Automatic Feeding Unit

If you don’t always have time an automatic fish feeder is ideal. Also when on holiday. You can easily programme the feeding times as well as the amount of food and the fish feeder ventilates (…) Read the description
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Reviews 5
Céline, the 07/04/2019

Ideal for feeding discus throughout the day. The manual explains the different keys.

Reviews 4
Roland, the 27/08/2016

It is not far from the perfect, but I would have liked to be able to better dose the amount distributed: it is by multiple of spiral tower. For my little aquarium, for glitter, it's too much. We can not program day by day: we have 4 max distributions per day per tank, possibility to skip a day a week, but we can not do 1 day out of 2 for example. For sequins, no problem, the training is going well. For pellets, however, it can get stuck in the endless screw: it hangs or gives more. The two compartments are big and the operation silent, except when it is triggered (it grunts!).

Reviews 5
Veronique, the 25/08/2016

good product we put it for the holidays and no worries the pellets and glitter go down very well we recommend it

Reviews 5
Bruno, the 19/07/2016

note a little succinct, but once understood the mode of operation of the device, it is ideal for 15 days of vacation.

Reviews 5
Aida, the 17/12/2015

Good product to not worry about holidays. I have only been able to try it one day because I prefer to feed myself if I am

Reviews 5
Renaud, the 24/07/2015

very good capacity tanks, allows 10 days of autonomy for me with the mixture that I use (pellets + flakes) Attention with large flakes, they must break to reduce their size otherwise they do not pass or very little to each feeding cycle. You have to do some tests to find the right calibration. The setting of the device is not obvious at first use, once we understand the operation is simple. The fixing scratch seems ridiculous given the size of the distributor, but it is very powerful. All parts in contact with food are removable and washable. In summary: a very good device.

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