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Exo Terra Grasshoppers

The Exo Terra canned foods are a convenient way to feed insects. These insects (and snails) have been cooked in the can to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma. It also softens the (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Exo Terra Grasshoppers

77% des clients recommandent ce produit

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Reviews 5
Aurélie, the 24/04/2020

My pogonas love these boxes, I only give them when I can't find any more live insects or when they come out of hibernation.

Reviews 5
CAROLINE, the 28/04/2019

very practical for example for holidays when the person who comes to feed your lizards does not want live insects! and not to run out of insects.

Reviews 5
Sophie, the 28/10/2017

Rango loves it !!! He who only eats what is given to him by hand ... it's amazing :)

Reviews 2
Catherine, the 08/08/2017

My turtle did not like, By cons, put the box in the fridge because they rot quickly

Reviews 4
Laetitia, the 05/05/2017

Good product, even if my adult pogona does not appreciate too much when the legs exceed too much.

Reviews 5
Lucie, the 04/02/2017

The smell is not pleasant at all but for the gecko it's a good treat!

Exo Terra Grasshoppers
Exo Terra Grasshoppers
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