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Exo Terra Grasshoppers

The Exo Terra canned foods are a convenient way to feed insects. These insects (and snails) have been cooked in the can to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma. It also softens the (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Exo Terra Grasshoppers

77% des clients recommandent ce produit

18 Reviews about Exo Terra Grasshoppers ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Aurélie, the 24/04/2020

My pogonas love these boxes, I only give them when I can't find any more live insects or when they come out of hibernation.

Reviews 5
CAROLINE, the 28/04/2019

very practical for example for holidays when the person who comes to feed your lizards does not want live insects! and not to run out of insects.

Reviews 5
Sophie, the 28/10/2017

Rango loves it !!! He who only eats what is given to him by hand ... it's amazing :)

Reviews 2
Catherine, the 08/08/2017

My turtle did not like, By cons, put the box in the fridge because they rot quickly

Reviews 4
Laetitia, the 05/05/2017

Good product, even if my adult pogona does not appreciate too much when the legs exceed too much.

Reviews 5
Lucie, the 04/02/2017

The smell is not pleasant at all but for the gecko it's a good treat!

Reviews 5
Sebastien, the 09/12/2016

Sorry I do not keep cool they have all mold After opening to put in the fridge without it there is plenty of mold

Reviews 5
Christelle, the 24/05/2016

My aquatic turtles feast I give them from time to time Too bad this model of food does not exist in greater quantities. I recommend this product

Reviews 1
Ngan, the 24/02/2016

indigestible product for my geckos, they were all sick after eating these locusts

Reviews 5
Gilles, the 13/12/2015

Product of very good quality and cheaper than in the pet stores of my area.! Very appreciated by my animals

Reviews 5
Picard, the 15/09/2015

My pogona en rafolle, small box that contains a lot of grasshoppers meter in the fridge after opening.

Reviews 5
Alyson, the 31/07/2015

My pogonas love them! I give them to the pliers and they jump directly on the box made sure to keep them cool and not smell really top

Reviews 5
Frederic, the 22/04/2015

The food is great and my turtles love it! Although they are really picky.

Reviews 5
Frederic, the 22/04/2015

this food is very good you can buy it with your eyes closed, for turtles it must be given in terms of greediness because it is not too advisable in main food

Exo Terra Grasshoppers
Exo Terra Grasshoppers
From £4,49