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Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL

The Exo Terra canned foods are a convenient way to feed insects. These insects (and snails) have been cooked in the can to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma. It also softens the (…) Read the description
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Reviews 5
Pricillia, the 15/04/2020

Test My Pogona Adore !!!!!! Only downside is its not very good smell !!

Reviews 5
Carla, the 17/12/2019

They last a few days once opened. The quality is very good. They should remove the minimum of words in 70 I don't know what else to say.

Reviews 4
Gaëtan, the 03/04/2019

My pogona is satisfied but we must not keep them for a long time because it becomes moldy quickly.

Reviews 5
Sylvie, the 13/02/2018

Despite the smell it releases the grasshoppers make the feast of my gecko dragon what ask for better delivery fast packaging neat site very correct

Reviews 5
Michele, the 19/05/2016

Good product, I use it as a treat for my pogona and he loves it.

Reviews 3
Sarah, the 19/06/2015

I bought these products only for lizards and geckos OF MY GARDEN .... With patience, I arrived at that the lizards come to eat on my hand ... fruits! So NO captivity! So I bought some products here to give them a different food, like that, a little bit, for my pleasure and theirs, once a day, nothing to disturb the nature ... For the garden geckos, c is different, they look really very scary compared to lizards but oddly, I was able to discover a place where there are many .... do they express to come back? because I also leave them a few treats ... I do not know! So I bought grasshoppers and crickets and food for geckos, and I have the impression that nobody loved! The lizards are certain, and the geckos, maybe I did not put water in the kind of powder for them ?? but the crickets, the grasshoppers stayed where they were then I put them in places where normally everything should have been eaten ?? Well, if you have any information on my problem, do not hesitate to contact me ...

Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL
Exo Terra Grasshoppers XL
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