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External filter compact ECF 200

The compact external filter ECF 200 is an ideal filter for small aquariums, vivariums with less than 60L. It helps keep a clean the water by filtering all the particles and cultivating (…) Read the description
From £34,99
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Reviews about External filter compact ECF 200

67% des clients recommandent ce produit

74 Reviews about External filter compact ECF 200 ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Jackie, the 09/04/2021

I use it as a cleaner because the engine of my previous one has to let go and the bell system adapts perfectly in addition to the closing system is great

Reviews 4
Oceane, the 07/04/2021

Small external pump, only downside, there is almost no pressure at the outlet of the pipe

Reviews 4
Clément, the 06/04/2021

1 week At the moment it's a good filter, especially for the price. Installed on a Nano Dennerle 35L. The assembly is simple, however following different comments I put silicone grease on all the joints and no leaks. On the other hand it is true that the outlet elbow is a simple plastic connection, in my case above the water so good a leak here is benign. On the other hand, it is very vague on the launch of the pump. On the manual it is only 'connect the pump', not at all. Having never had this kind of filter I have no experience and I must say that it is not easy to launch. Once launched I find that the rotor still makes noise. I will come back and change my opinion if I have a new remark or a failure.

Reviews 5
Julien, the 28/02/2021

Easy to install pump with everything in it and with the suspension bracket if needed. Does the job for 40 liter nano shrimp.

Reviews 5
Virginie, the 09/02/2021

Compliant and silent product. Easy to install and use I recommend

Reviews 5
Stephane, the 04/02/2021

Following a first purchase to test, I took a second. They are installed on 60 liter bins. Quiet operation provided you understand how to purge them of their air (simply switch the filter several times). No leak. I use them posed even if there is a support to hang them.

Reviews 5
Daniel , the 14/11/2020

Very good quality-price ratio, I have it in a 20l nano and it fulfills perfectly

Reviews 5
Jorge, the 03/11/2020

Very good filter, for the price that it is and what it offers, it is more than enough. The support to hold it to the aquarium is very narrow, I cannot hang it in any of the 2 60 l aquariums. that I have, but it is not important.

Reviews 5
Sebastien, the 24/10/2020

Good product. This is the second that I buy, it is also very waterproof

Reviews 5
Marc, the 15/10/2020

I just received this filter, very good for my nano aquarium. only downside the pipes are very stiff !. Sino Zoomalia great! fast for shipping, I recommend this site.

Reviews 5
Francesc, the 14/06/2020

It is a very silent filter and easy to assemble and install. Good purchase!

Reviews 5
Caroline, the 25/05/2020

Very compact but very efficient external pump. S is perfectly suited to my aquarium with its glass cover Easy opening of the pump for cleaning

Reviews 5
Cedric, the 15/05/2020

to be honest, this is the best value for money on the net, maybe it will not last over time but at that price we can change often, for my part it is installed in a 30 liters, my water and super clear and it is silent, easy to use I put them below my aquarium and no flow problems, just calculate with the length of the hoses which are 50 cm plus the height of the pump 17 cm and for me it is impeccable.

Reviews 5
Francisco, the 14/05/2020

Magnificent product. Its performance since it came to me exceeds that of the previous filter that I had, which was branded and, consequently, more expensive.

External filter compact ECF 200
External filter compact ECF 200
From £15,99