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External filter Watsea POWER

A external filter is necessary to maintain a aquarium and receive a clean water. POWER Watsea external filters are available in 4 powers for aquariums up to 1000L. They are silent and energy (…) Read the description
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Reviews about External filter Watsea POWER

67% des clients recommandent ce produit

108 Reviews about External filter Watsea POWER ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
JEAN-MARC, the 07/03/2021

I change my opinion which was previously one star, Zoomalia refunded me 20 € on the 65 € which allowed me to buy a new seal and to invest in new filtrations which made all escape. the air bulels which caused the noise, now it makes noise but it remains below 35 db therefore very sustainable. Thank you Zoomalia for your refund allowing me to improve the filter!

Reviews 1
Erica , the 14/12/2020

So it is much too noisy and it is very unbearable I do not recommend at all

Reviews 5
Gustavo, the 02/12/2020

Very good it has served me a lot just the perfect size and the power is excellent

Reviews 4
POTIN, the 11/10/2020

Hello on 02/13/2018 I bought the Model: Watsea POWER 2800 external filter, 60W - 2800 L / h Ref. : 72070 for a few days the tank has cracked I would not like to buy the whole pump is there a way to just order the plastic tank and the impeller if possible because a broken elice diaphragm requires an urgent response please and please tell me how to contact your cdt after-sales service

Reviews 5
Ghislain, the 09/06/2020

two filters ordered in 2800L / H in addition for my 1000l. Despite a problem with the two pumps (defective seals and a broken rotor axis), the Zoomalia team sent me 3 pieces in one week. Good filtration volume but cane of suction and rejection a little "light" but do the job. I am not disappointed with my purchase especially at this price

Reviews 5
JOSE AGUSTIN, the 07/05/2020

It is the second I buy. After a year with another like it I have decided to buy another for its good performance. Powerful and silent for the flow that moves. I don't know in the long term, but at the moment very well

Reviews 5
Griet, the 07/05/2020

Great product! When we installed the new filter, there was a crack in the body. I sent some photos to the customer service and we just got a new filter sent. Excellent service, polite customer service. Thanks!

Reviews 5
Alexandra , the 20/03/2020

good value for money . does its job well for a 500 L aquarium

Reviews 3
Anthony, the 18/03/2020

Hard to prime but works

Reviews 5
Javier, the 03/02/2020

Complete, useful, shipping is fast and performs its function perfectly, highly recommended

Reviews 1
ISABELLE, the 10/12/2019

Very disappointed with my purchase; I wanted to change a SUNSUN external filter that leaked but worked very well for two years by the one that looked like him strangely. The setting in operation was a little laborious but especially it is very noisy whereas it was announced as silent and I do not find the water very clear. I do not know if I can withstand the noise for a long time

Reviews 5
Karine, the 04/12/2019

I'm so glad of my purchase ! The watsea external filter is very effective and cleaned in a few hours the inner basin of my turtles. Since the water is crystal clear. I highly recommend this product. Given the value for money there is nothing wrong. Editing is easy and fast!

Reviews 4
Ricardo, the 12/11/2019

The product very well, I have it working and it goes perfect. It came with a broken side handle but don't change it for the delay. Otherwise well

Reviews 5
Anais, the 30/10/2019

Super pump. A little long to boot but very discreet noise level. She does her job

External filter Watsea POWER
External filter Watsea POWER
From £56,99
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