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Food Pellets for Tortoises

- compound pet food as staple food. - for tortoises and other mainly herbivorous reptiles. - provides optimal vitamin supply (A, B, C and D3) as well as essential calcium and phosphorus. - (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Food Pellets for Tortoises

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Reviews 4
Nicolas, the 04/11/2020

Pellets too hard for my twisted little ones. Forced to moisten them a little And despite that my turtles don't like it.

Reviews 5
Segolene, the 11/09/2020

Complete food, very good varied food supplement. To moisten to facilitate the setting.

Reviews 5
Tania, the 31/08/2020

Very good product, my turtles have been taking them with pleasure for several years in addition to their diet.

Reviews 5
LAURENCE, the 22/08/2020

My turtles love this food. It is made up of various forms of dry food.

Reviews 5
Clara, the 17/06/2020

Very good product. Small box capacity can be used very quickly. My tortoise unfortunately is choosy and sorts what it wants to eat.

Reviews 5
Michèle, the 10/06/2020

My turtles really like this product. It is important to give enriched supplements for their shell and digestion.

Food Pellets for Tortoises
Food Pellets for Tortoises
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