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Food Pellets for Tortoises

- compound pet food as staple food. - for tortoises and other mainly herbivorous reptiles. - provides optimal vitamin supply (A, B, C and D3) as well as essential calcium and phosphorus. - (…) Read the description
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Food pellets for tortoises, 1000ml / 600g Ref. 31488 20 loyalty points  
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Reviews about Food Pellets for Tortoises

81% des clients recommandent ce produit

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Reviews 5
Segolene, the 11/09/2020

Complete food, very good varied food supplement. To moisten to facilitate the setting.

Reviews 5
Tania, the 31/08/2020

Very good product, my turtles have been taking them with pleasure for several years in addition to their diet.

Reviews 5
LAURENCE, the 22/08/2020

My turtles love this food. It is made up of various forms of dry food.

Reviews 5
Clara, the 17/06/2020

Very good product. Small box capacity can be used very quickly. My tortoise unfortunately is choosy and sorts what it wants to eat.

Reviews 5
Michèle, the 10/06/2020

My turtles really like this product. It is important to give enriched supplements for their shell and digestion.

Reviews 5
Agathe, the 24/10/2019

Grasshoppers of very good quality whole, which is very nice is that it does not smell bad. The cool lid on the box is very nice to power and keep properly. My turtle is enjoying!

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