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High Quality French Hay

Hay is an essential food for rodents and rabbits. It is important that is nutritious, digestible and healthy. This high quality hay comes from the Crau plains in the south of France. It is (…) Read the description
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Reviews about High Quality French Hay

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Reviews 5
Charlotte, the 26/01/2021

I buy a package to test with my loyalty points. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I buy back on my next order.

Reviews 5
Melina Katherine, the 19/01/2021

Good product my hamster loves it. I highly recommend it as this product is essential for them

Reviews 5
Aline, the 19/01/2021

Very green and fragrant hay, so perfect for rabbits. Mine seems to be enjoying it day and night.

Reviews 5
Aurora, the 17/01/2021

My guinea pig is crazy about it! Fresh and fragrant hay! I will buy it again

Reviews 5
Vincenzo, the 15/01/2021

Very high quality hay, very fragrant, the only one our bunny really likes!

Reviews 5
Angeline, the 15/01/2021

My rabbit's favorite hay. Excellent hay quality, good color and good odor.

High Quality French Hay
High Quality French Hay
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