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Indoor and Outdoor Cat Repellent

The interior and exterior cat repellent from Francodex laboratories prevents cat from marking their territory in unwanted areas. Details: - Prevents cats marking - For use inside and outside- (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Indoor and Outdoor Cat Repellent

47% des clients recommandent ce produit

8 Reviews about Indoor and Outdoor Cat Repellent ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Kevin, the 26/03/2021

Effective against stray cats who pee on the wall, they don't like this smell, too bad the delivery is chargeable

Reviews 2
PATRICIA, the 05/10/2018

very disappointed: Product ordered in addition to Spray anti-marking urinary cat and no more effect on my cat ...

Reviews 5
Rostane, the 04/09/2018

Useful for large areas and cats that pee outside the litter, odorless and do not stain

Reviews 1
Magali, the 10/05/2018

Very disappointed with this product will be bought in supermarkets but I think that customers have the right to know they are buying. This product does not work at all. I put nice and put the product (noticeably on the couch) it does nothing. I even have a kitten rolling in it.

Reviews 1
Claudine, the 14/11/2017

this product did not bother my cat, who continues to urinate under the stairs.

Reviews 4
Didier , the 11/05/2017

Excellent product, hence 4 stars instead of 5. But it's very fast, it works very well We have a cat that comes to see us every night, stays all night, and leaves every morning as she was A mystery to this animal, all that to say that she is adorable, very affectionate, but there were some problems of cleanliness, not being there, let's say, that at half-time, she must have problems Like most cats, I think, well, with this product, the problem was sorted out pretty quickly.

Reviews 5
Myriam, the 29/03/2016

Unfortunately, Fuyu does not want to cooperate and it's disappointing !!!! But I continue the experiment ............ and I would get over it !!!!

Reviews 3
JOELLE, the 21/03/2016

hello for now it seems to be effective against I received a lot (650 ml + 350ml) and two bottles of 650 ml while I ordered 3 lots! is this an error, in which case thank you for sending me the missing flasks

Indoor and Outdoor Cat Repellent
Indoor and Outdoor Cat Repellent
From £11,99