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Mouse Trap

- plastic. - does not kill the mouse. Read the description
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Reviews 5
Jacqueline, the 27/01/2020

Finally a trap that does not catch the tail of mice and makes them die of dread!

Reviews 3
Jacqueline, the 11/09/2019

I am mitigated for these mousetrays I find them fragile one is already damaged by the breakage of the entry flap

Reviews 5
Francoise, the 07/01/2018

asked .............. a smile caught.I very contante following. the mousetrap and easy to snap.

Reviews 5
Karine, the 15/10/2017

Super efficient, well thought out, compact Space well placed, it can trap many mice on time, gently, The closure system is indeed very quiet (mice are very prone and very sensitive to stress, which can to kill them), Moreover, the young mice are not likely to remain the muzzle or the head stuck as with the metal traps, Only flats: being not loud, unless one is in the same room, one is not warned that there is a catch by a great noise as with other traps, docn it is necessary to check regularly, and, moreover, it captures only one animal at a time. But it's still my favorite trap to place it in a room where I am, because I know immediately if there is a catch, because: I always prefer not to kill them, even if sometimes it is necessary to come there when there is Too much ... just store them in a drum and release them far, far, after a short drive ...

Reviews 4
Geoffrey, the 17/03/2015

Plastic a little light, to use gently during cleaning. But do his job.

Reviews 5
Denis, the 05/03/2014

Easy to use product, clean and efficient. Allows the smooth transport of the animal and its reimplantation in another environment.

Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap
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