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Preis Coly Fish Parasite Treatment

For freshwater and saltwater. Treats more than 33,000 litres. Preis-Coly protects effectively freshwater fish as well as sea water against the pharyngeal and intestinal parasites. It is (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Preis Coly Fish Parasite Treatment

93% des clients recommandent ce produit

53 Reviews about Preis Coly Fish Parasite Treatment ( View all reviews )
Reviews 5
Stéphane, the 19/10/2020

Good product. Very fast shipping. I was able to cure my sick fish. Thank you. 2nd part of the treatment at the end of the week.

Reviews 5
Inocente, the 06/05/2020

Good Product but embarrassing shipment 1 month and no response by any zoomalia operator

Reviews 5
Michael, the 07/04/2020

Very good product. Use intestinal worms on my discus for nothing. I recommend doing it every 6 months

Reviews 5
Eric, the 01/02/2020

Effective, my hollow discus eat better and the stools become normal in a few days, for me it is two treatments minimum in the year. I even confirm overdosed no worries about shrimp or discomfort for fish.

Reviews 4
STEPHANE, the 14/11/2019

I trust experienced users .... I put it in prevention for new tenants in quarantine.

Reviews 5
Arthur, the 03/11/2019

Effective and reliable marked exception pros and product tested and works super well elimination parasites in one treatment

Preis Coly Fish Parasite Treatment
Preis Coly Fish Parasite Treatment
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