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If there is one type of pet that really fascinates collectors and lovers of exotic animals, then it is reptiles. Although, they are very wild and original, they have become popular pets. Whether turtles, lizards or snakes, these animals do not need much space or attention. Reptiles exude a very calming effect. In addition, a reptile is quickly accustomed to human presence and is more independent than other animals. Having no fur or feathers makes them an ideal pet for people with allergies.

It requires a little more background knowledge to keep a reptile. Reptiles are generally particularly sensitive to stress. Hence the need to create the optimum environment for your pet and choose the right reptile food must of course, suit the reptile species and age.

Reptiles are very special animals that require specific advice. On our website you will find products, accessories and food for almost all species of reptiles to low prices all year round.

Keeping reptiles

Keeping reptiles in a terrariums is an art. It is a practice that is commonly designed for snakes, lizards and tarantulas (considered reptiles). Learning about to care for reptiles properly is a real skill and takes hard work and dedication. However, keep in mind that reptiles can never truly be considered domesticated.

Before purchasing a reptile, you must be aware of the size it can reach in adulthood which may be a drawback in an apartment, the required type of food (some require whole prey), behaviour (aggressiveness), the conditions of captivity and maintenance (care, heat, humidity). We would advise you to avoid specimens of a large size and those with aggressive tendencies.

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