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Customer reviews and photos of Cage Tubes (Pack of 4)

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96% des clients recommandent ce produit

Reviews 5 stars Cage Tubes (Pack of 4)

56Reviews 5
David, publié il y a 1 an

Good morning, we are interested in buying these tubes, we need to know if sonc with habitrail cages. Thank you

56Reviews 5
Olga, publié il y a 1 an

Compatible with any cage because I bought a cage and I can not find a pipe for a mini cage

56Reviews 5
Elsa, publié il y a 3 ans

Impeccable. Very convenient. Very flexible. . Ultra fast delivery

56Reviews 5
VERONIQUE, publié il y a 5 ans

Super troubleshooting because daddy gerbil likes to eat the rings of connections at the exit of the tubes to the fixing of the tube and the cage. And in spare parts we do not find them in pet stores ...

56Reviews 5
VERONIQUE, publié il y a 5 ans

Super replacement product! Especially if you have one, who literally nibbles the pipes and bites them.

Reviews 4 stars Cage Tubes (Pack of 4)

46Reviews 4
Laurence, publié il y a 4 ans

The product is good but beware, in a batch of 4 tubes, there are: 1 straight tube and 3 bent tubes. I got myself;) but otherwise the product is up to my expectations.

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