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Customer reviews and photos of Dog Pasta 10kg

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90% des clients recommandent ce produit

Reviews 5 stars Dog Pasta 10kg

52Reviews 5
Jean-Marie, publié il y a 3 ans

As with the first order, I'm always so happy with pasta. They cook very easily, have a very good behavior and our bitches love it.

Reviews 4 stars Dog Pasta 10kg

42Reviews 4
Jean-Marie, publié il y a 4 ans

The cooking pasta for dog called "shells" appear bigger in the picture than when they are received and would look more like macaroni but it is a detail. They are very good at cooking and are the delight of our bitches. I am happy with my purchase and recommend it. I will also be able to redo an order as soon as I need it as the delivery service is very serious. Cordially.

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