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Customer reviews and photos of Lamb Ball Toy

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Reviews 5 stars Lamb Ball Toy

55Reviews 5
MELANIE, publié il y a 2 ans

My kitten loves the feathers and the sounds of birds stimulate him enormously. He plays a lot with. Very satisfied with this purchase.

55Reviews 5
Françoise, publié il y a 2 ans

My st everything crazy with he walks the house in all directions he has found his spirit of hunter

55Reviews 5
Anthony, publié il y a 4 ans

Attentive to the sound of birds, she looks for where it comes from ... a small pleasure for the cat and what to occupy for his moments of games ..;

Reviews 3 stars Lamb Ball Toy

35Reviews 3
Johanna , publié il y a 1 mois

Toy that intrigued our kitten thanks to the sound of birds. We only release it during the day because the sound can surprise at night. She seems both interested but at the same time seems to be slightly afraid of it ^^ Allows to stimulate her other than with classic static toys. The sound may be unpleasant for our human ears, but I may have come across a faulty sound that particularly sizzles. In the meantime our cat is playing with this toy and it is the main thing

Reviews 2 stars Lamb Ball Toy

25Reviews 2
Alice, publié il y a 2 ans

My cat does not play with. It's been over a month since I bought this toy and my cat has never played with it. He does not care

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