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Customer reviews and photos of Wood Bedding 60 Litres

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86% des clients recommandent ce produit

Reviews 5 stars Wood Bedding 60 Litres

526Reviews 5
Angelique, publié il y a 4 semaines

The chips are a good size. Buy for the litter of the aviary of my ornamental hens, ideal because it absorbs well and they thus have dry feet. Not having a concrete room inside the aviary, I put a geotextile. Like that when it rains I cover the aviary and they are completely dry. Zoomalia becomes my official supplier in this matter.

526Reviews 5
Caroline, publié il y a 1 mois

Very absorbent litter for my aviary of my inseparables I recommend this product without worry

526Reviews 5
Michèle ou Jean-Michel , publié il y a 3 mois

Very happy with these chips that line the bottom of the cage. The parakeets settle there readily. Since it is a natural wood, when I change it, I will use it at the foot of the plants in the garden.

526Reviews 5
Caroline, publié il y a 5 mois

Very happy with this product for an inseparable cage, much more practical than sand, absorbing urine and food on the ground recommended.

526Reviews 5
Caroline, publié il y a 6 mois

Very good quality litter for my inseparable birds the bark of wood absorbs very well and much more practical for cleaning the aviary I recommend without worry

526Reviews 5
Lila, publié il y a 6 mois

Untreated product ideal for an African tortoise which must have a limited level of humidity in its living space. Good Absorption !!

526Reviews 5
Jean-Raymond, publié il y a 1 an

quality product fast shipping neat packaging bedding wood No. 8 is a good compromise for the chip size of a cage bottom (as far as I'm concerned for a parrot)

526Reviews 5
Jean-denis, publié il y a 1 an

Very good product according to the description, for my inner aviary, no dust, easy to use, fast delivery.

526Reviews 5
Hocine, publié il y a 3 ans

I am satisfied with the product and delivery thank you I recommend it if needed

526Reviews 5
Eddy, publié il y a 3 ans

I am very happy with this product, I thought it would be less aesthetic than sand but in the end I find it more aesthetic and better in many things. First the weight, to cover my terra of 1m20 it was sand so a sacred weight, while this litter is incredibly lighter. For absorption there is no problem, and aesthetic level is perfect. So, I am very happy with this litter, I will take it again and recommend it, but not only for reptiles.

526Reviews 5
MARIE CLAUDE, publié il y a 4 ans

Very satisfied, compliant product. I recommend zoomalia cordially

526Reviews 5
MARIE CLAUDE, publié il y a 5 ans

Very satisfied with this product, it corresponds exactly to the product I wanted. The delivery very well, I recommend zoomalia, very serious cordialemen, t

526Reviews 5
Laetitia, publié il y a 6 ans

Very good for my goat-parakeets, they leave it to furrow the soil and looking for seeds, does not dust. TOP

526Reviews 5
Laetitia, publié il y a 6 ans

good product my kakarikis love to search the bottom of their cage for their food. not at all dusty, satisfied.

526Reviews 5
Viviane, publié il y a 6 ans

Great product, it smells very good, the quails are happy to stir and poke around to find their food

526Reviews 5
Stephane, publié il y a 6 ans

great product, arrived as planned, nothing wrong, you can dark head down

526Reviews 5
Florian, publié il y a 6 ans

Product of very good quality and good price ... used for my tortoises terretsre

526Reviews 5
GUILLAUME, publié il y a 6 ans

super absorbent, fine particle size which gives a good visual rendering and it marries well with the color of the decorations

526Reviews 5
Valérie, publié il y a 6 ans

I use this product as a cage bottom for the cage of my parrot and for my hen house. Non-dusty, hygienic and aesthetic, it removes dirt with a litter scoop leaving the litter clean in the cage, because the chips agglomerate where it is dirty. Economic. I consume a bag of 15 kg every 6 months for the parrot cage which is large (1.1M by 0.80 cm) Of all the solutions I tested (SAND, PAPER NEWSPAPER, STRAW) is by far the best? I tried the chips n8 larger but I prefer the n6.

526Reviews 5
Aurelie, publié il y a 7 ans

I go by registered on this site, chips of very good quality, fast delivery.

526Reviews 5
Nathalie, publié il y a 7 ans

Product of very good quality / price I use it for tortoises No dust

Reviews 4 stars Wood Bedding 60 Litres

426Reviews 4
Cecile, publié il y a 5 jours

Easy to spread and remove. The absorption seems good to see over time ...

426Reviews 4
Pirathina, publié il y a 2 mois

This is the first time I have tested this litter for my cockatiels. I'm happy with it for the moment. Cockatiels like to play with pieces of beech.

426Reviews 4
FRANCOIS, publié il y a 7 ans

product very satisfactory except the packaging not very practical once opened

Reviews 3 stars Wood Bedding 60 Litres

326Reviews 3
Jennifer, publié il y a 6 ans

Good product the only regret is the delivery, I made an appointment for a date, the D day they send me an SMS telling me that they can not deliver me and who will re contact me. A few days later I receive an email asking me to go to the delivery site to make another appointment, and I realize that appointment dates are for the month of January 2014 while we are in August and I could not change anything. So totally disappointed with the delivery method with appointments. This is several times with different delivery mode that I have problems.

Reviews 2 stars Wood Bedding 60 Litres

226Reviews 2
AUDREY, publié il y a 1 an

A change renew very often (several times a week) to limit hygiene problems

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