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Aquarium tanks and cabinets

From to , Zoomalia Pet Supplies have the best prices on your dream aquarium set-up.
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Our selection of Aquarium tanks and cabinets

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Zoomalia aquarium selection

Zoomalia and its customers have selected the best aquariums and at the best price. It's time to create your aquatic universe!

Juwel Aquarium and Cabinet

A highly recommended brand for decades, the JUWEL brand offers complete and elegant aquariums. Rectangular, cubic or rounded, you will find all the models and volumes proposed by the brand here.

Fluval Aquarium and Cabinet

Discover fully equipped aquariums with Fluval: elegant and generously sized, Fluval aquariums are among the best equipped aquariums since they have an outdoor filter and LED lighting for medium and large sizes.

Aquatlantis Aquarium and Cabinet

Aquatlantis has been manufacturing quality aquariums for many years, the brand offers models in complete kits perfect for beginners. The aquariums and cabinets are adapted to the latest trends.

Zolux Aquarium and Cabinet

The brand Zolux offers a selection of small aquariums suitable for small fish.

Ferplast Aquarium and Cabinet

Ferplast offers bare tanks and aquariums that are fully equipped . The brand also manufactures aquariums of large volumes (750 liters).

Tetra Aquarium and Cabinet

Tetra is a recognized brand in the aquarium industry. The brand offers small aquariums equipped for small fish or freshwater shrimp.

Other Aquarium and Cabinets

Find in this selection the aquariums and cabinets of other brands such as Wave, Marina, Ciano ...