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Sera Bettagran for Fighting Fish

The colour food consisting of slowly sinking soft granulesSera Bettagran is the easily digestible colour food consisting of carefully manufactured fine granules for all fish that eat in the (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Sera Bettagran for Fighting Fish

73% des clients recommandent ce produit

17 Reviews about Sera Bettagran for Fighting Fish ( View all reviews )
Reviews 5
POTIN, the 06/04/2020

My fighter is delighted with this food does not dirty the water! and clearly visible

Reviews 5
JULIEN, the 17/04/2019

Fish love this type of food, it can vary with other foods.

Reviews 4
Virginie, the 26/02/2019

I removed a star because the photo is misleading I bought this product and I received a small bag I really thought to have a box but no you have to read because the first price and a bag otherwise my fish love and c is so much better

Reviews 5
JEANINE, the 22/08/2017

Very Satisfactory Service - Fast Shipping I was looking for this product that best fits my fighting fish. I found it at Zoomalia. I would definitely recommend.

Reviews 5
Jose Manuel, the 12/07/2017

Granule very good for the Bettas, very cheap price and highly recommended store, always recommended shipments

Reviews 3
Virginie, the 04/01/2017

My betta does not really like this food. It is true that he is more fond of living food!

Sera Bettagran for Fighting Fish
Sera Bettagran for Fighting Fish
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