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Aquariums, filters and accessories

Welcome to the Zoomalia aquarium shop. Whether a beginner or experienced aquarium owner, you will discover a wide range of aquariums, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters and aquarium decoration to customise your fish tank, whether fresh or seawater. All at budget prices!

Presentation of our pet store online: Aquariums, filters and accessories

Keeping fish

Whether you want a cold water, freshwater or seawater aquarium for fish or other sea creatures, choosing the right aquarium, food, cleaning and maintenance products, and ornaments is essential.

What can I find on Zoomalia?

First, choosing the right aquarium tanks the most important thing. This, of course, depends on the number and type of fish and living organisms (e.g. corals or plants). A range of models can be found in our shop.

The essential elements of each aquarium include the lighting, filter, oxygen diffuser and water pump. These are necessary for your fish have a long and good life in your aquarium.

Of course, the water conditions must be controlled. Test equipment and products for optimal water values ​​can also be found in our range. Besides controlling ​​oxygenation, water pumps and filters are essential for good water quality.

Freshwater or seawater?

In order to reproduce an ecosystem to perfection, you need to recreate a natural habitat. For example, if you would like to keep clown fish or crabs you need to create a saltwater aquarium. On the contrary, for example, goldfish, prefer fresh water. Therefore, filters and pumps are also very important because then you can adjust the environment of your aquarium inhabitants optimally.

What decoration should I choose?

The choice of your aquarium decoration depends on the natural needs of your aquarium inhabitants . Many fish need hiding places which depend on the size and type of the species. If you use live plants, you must also pay  attention to the health of your fish, because they can increase the nitrate content of water, which can be very dangerous in high concentrations for fish. Rocks of different sizes and shapes can be used as hiding places.

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