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Small pet seed and food for small pets


Find all the brands of food for small animals:

Give your small animal only the best food selected by Zoomalia: in varied mixture or in complete pellets, we have selected for you the best quality / price ratio for your animal....

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit
From :
Available :  3kg 10kg
Hamiform Optima Complete Meal Dwarf rabbit
From :
Available :  7kg
Cuni Complete Guinea Pig
From :
Available :  8kg

Food for Gerbil

Active and fast, the gerbil needs a high energy diet. You will find all the complete and balanced gerbil food suitable for your pet's lifestyle.

Organic food for small animals

The range Hamiform is enriched and offers a selection of complete organic food for guinea pig, rabbit and small rabbit.

Cot & Co Organic Rabbit Pellets 5kg
From :
Available :  5kg

Food for Squirrel

Delight your squirrel while guaranteeing a rich and complete food with squirrel food.

HamiForm Optima Complete Meal Chipmunk
From :
Available :  900g
Vitakraft Menu Vital Chipmunk
From :
Available :  600g
Cunipic Premium Complete Food Squirrel
From :
Available :  800g

Other food for small animals

Hedgehog Food
From :
Available :  1kg