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Small pet bedding, litter and straw


Hemp litter for Rabbits and small animals

Litter of hemp is highly appreciated by small animals: very absorbent and safe, it is ideal to create a comfortable and clean space for your little companion.

Wood chip litter for small animals

The traditional wood chip (or wood fiber) litter for small animals helps keep your pet's habitat clean and dry. Economical and sometimes scented, it will bring you complete satisfaction.

Clumping litter for small animals

Clean your small animals litter super easy with a clumping litter that forms clumping compact balls when soiled.

Coconut Fibre Clumping Litter for Chickens, Small Pets and Reptiles
From :
Available :  100 l
WOODYPET Clumping Litter
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Straw litter for small animals

Straw is a natural element that can provide a warm and cozy litter to your small animal: it is very appreciated for its comfort. The straw is perfect in addition to another litter (hemp, chips ...).

Silica litter for small animals

Silica litter retains bad odours and is known for its high absorbency.

Fresh’n’Easy Silicate Litter
From :
Available :  1 l
SilicaPearl Silicone litter
From :
Available :  1.6kg
Perlinette Micro Granule Kitten and Small Pet Litter
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Corn litter for small animals

The natural corn litter makes it possible to create a clean and comfortable space for your animal: it does not stick and has a very good  absorbing power.