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Supreme Science Selective Rabbit

Vets believe that high fibre is most important when recommending a rabbit food* Wild rabbits mainly eat grass, which naturally contains 20-25% fibre and rabbits’ teeth and digestive systems (…) Read the description
From £3,89
Free delivery
Free delivery for orders over £39!* Livraison à partir du 20/04/2021 si vous commandez dans les 23h et 6min.

Reviews about Supreme Science Selective Rabbit

98% des clients recommandent ce produit

238 Reviews about Supreme Science Selective Rabbit ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Elodie, the 15/04/2021

At the top my rabbit eats only this one! And much cheaper than in stores

Reviews 5
Sandra, the 12/04/2021

my giant of Flanders eats ONLY these granules! and he loves it! quality product recommended not my veto specialize NAC

Reviews 5
Candice, the 09/04/2021

Hello, I love this product. My rabbit has been doing very well since I gave her this food.

Reviews 5
Fabienne, the 27/03/2021

Very good product. Reasonable price. Recommend by my vet My rabbit loves it. I recommend

Reviews 5
Amélie, the 27/03/2021

Product still as satisfactory. My rabbit only eats these seeds.

Reviews 5
Marta, the 23/03/2021

I changed the feed to my rabbit because they told me that it was healthier than the one I had. And the truth is that he loves it.

Reviews 5
Sandrine, the 14/03/2021

Hello, very good product, recommended by my NAC vet, it is excellent in terms of quality and palatability.

Reviews 5
ALEXANDRA, the 12/03/2021

Delighted with my purchase, my rabbits love it! Do not hesitate to take the 10kg bag as soon as it is available.

Reviews 5
Magalie, the 09/03/2021

My rabbit loved these pellets, a little supplement to his hay and vegetables

Reviews 5
Dorine, the 07/03/2021

Very good quality for their digestive system and for their teeth they love it

Reviews 5
Carine , the 09/02/2021

My bunny is all mad when I take the bag of pellets to give him. He eats them so quickly that there is nothing left in his bowl

Reviews 5
Béatrice, the 05/02/2021

Very good kibble for Rabbits. This prevents him from sorting. My 4 bunnies all appreciated.

Reviews 5
Christine, the 02/02/2021

I give it to my rabbits and guinea pigs, in addition to the granules. Recommended by veterinarians, fibers are important for their digestion.

Reviews 5
Rachel, the 28/01/2021

Here are several times that I order on Zoomalia. Quick delivery . My bunny only eats this kibble pattern. Perfect....

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit
Supreme Science Selective Rabbit
From £3,29