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Temerol Disinfectant for Aquarium Fish

Temerol helps eliminate pathogenic bacteria that develop in certain situations and can lead to bacterial diseases such as necrosis of the fins, exophthalmia, dropsy and ulcers. Read the description
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Reviews about Temerol Disinfectant for Aquarium Fish

91% des clients recommandent ce produit

37 Reviews about Temerol Disinfectant for Aquarium Fish ( View all reviews )
Reviews 5
GAEL, the 30/12/2020

A top disinfectant for aquarium fish. We use it when inserting new fish

Reviews 4
Maud, the 05/12/2020

Temerol is a good product for the care of fish. It is certainly not miraculous, but it helps a lot.

Reviews 2
Mohamed, the 28/05/2020

This product was pretty correct but it is not enough on its own we will need another complementary product. In addition it is rather expensive for the little result visible

Reviews 5
Nathalie , the 07/05/2020

Very good product that I use regularly and recommends, as soon as pathogenic bacteria or parasites appear in my aquarium. Treatment over 3 days, then filter preferably with activated carbon. Perfect for my adult goldfish, non-toxic to them. Fast and careful shipping, product not available in pet stores. I recommend.

Reviews 5
CLAUDIO, the 27/03/2020

Perfect, the product has arrived intact and sealed. On schedule

Reviews 5
Sidi mohammed, the 01/11/2019

excellent product, I use it to disinfect my bins, do not forget to filter on charcoal after treatment for 24 hours. and do not forget to reseed your filter in bacteria because the treatment also destroys the good bacteria

Temerol Disinfectant for Aquarium Fish
Temerol Disinfectant for Aquarium Fish
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