Terrarium backgrounds, posters and ornaments


Our selection of Reptile habitat decoration

Terrarium resin decoration

Robust and easy to clean, the decorative elements made of resin perfectly imitate the natural elements for a most beautiful effect in your terrarium: rock, cave, cave ... The decorations and hiding places of your choice are here!

Artificial plant terrarium

Artificial plants can recreate a real little piece of nature with a perfectly natural appearance. Easy to maintain and install, the artificial plant for terrarium is an important and timeless pillar in the decoration of your terrarium and aqua-terrarium.

Natural root terrarium

The natural root makes it possible to reconstitute a real decoration that the arboreal reptiles will adopt them immediately.

Terrarium natural decoration

The natural decoration consists of cork, shell or wood and allows to create a very close to nature scenery for your reptiles or amphibians.

Terrarium Liana and moss

Give your reptiles a dreamy setting with terrarium lianas: easily adaptable and quick to install, the liana allows your reptile to climb while creating a very natural-looking decor.

Terrarium Background decoration

The terrarium background decor is positioned on the rear window of the house, on the outside. It makes it easy to create an ambiance and a natural visual effect to avoid seeing the back of the terrarium often unsightly.