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Terrariums and vivariums for reptiles

Terrariums and vivariums for reptiles including Exo Terra terrariums at low prices, all on Zoomalia.

Glass terrarium

Robust, easy to clean and durable over time, the glass terrarium is great for maintaining your reptiles safely.

Grid terrarium

The grid terrarium is foldable and thus convenient to move and install. It is perfectly adapted to reptiles requiring a good circulation of the air.

ReptiBreeze Terrarium
From :
24 hours

Breeding and transport box

The transport or breeding box facilitates the breeding and transport of reptiles: it is very easy to move and clean.

Aquaterrarium for urtle

The aquaterrarium for water turtle allows the creation of a beach and a water space which are both essential for your aquatic turtle.

Terrarium Cabinet

The terrarium cabinet is a solid and reliable support for your terrarium or aquaterrarium. Matching to your terrarium, it prvides an aesthetic ensemble that will fit perfectly into your interior.