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Tetra ReptoMin

The floating food sticks contain an ideal composition of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. They are rich in calcium, promoting the healthy development of your turtles' bones and shell. (…) Read the description
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92% des clients recommandent ce produit

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Reviews 4
Jeremie, the 24/11/2020

Compliant products. My turtles love it and throw it on. Super value for money.

Reviews 5
Laetitia, the 28/10/2020

I have 4 water turtles, they are greedy of these sticks. they float for a long time and do not melt, which gives the turtles time to eat.

Reviews 5
Luis, the 23/09/2020

My turtle loves it, it is a suitable size for medium tortoises, there are different sizes. They are buoyant which makes it easy for them to eat them without staining the aquarium too much.

Reviews 5
Andrée, the 23/08/2020

Very appreciated by my turtles and do not make residues I recommend it

Reviews 5
MAGUY, the 04/07/2020

Perfect sticks for my turtle, they float while they catch them all. She wants more!

Reviews 5
Nicole, the 10/04/2020

Excellent product for my water turtles to which I add once a week small fresh shrimps.

Tetra ReptoMin
Tetra ReptoMin
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